Yoga Retreats Greece 2022

We are looking forward to welcoming you and sharing the unforgettable, life-changing and transforming experience of our Yoga and Zen Retreats.

It is a deep need for human beings to reconnect with Nature and their inner nature. Yoga and Meditation are both very useful and powerful tools to work towards this direction.

This year after a long period of regulations and restrictions, we must make this gift to ourselves.

 We are here to share the gifts of conscious living with you during our "Yoga Retreats Greece 2022".

Antaratma Theodore Chiotis
Alexandra Sotiropoulou


Yoga Retreats Greece 2022

20 - 25 MAY & 26 - 31 MAY 2022



This is a week of Yoga and Zen meditation during one of the most beautiful times of the year, spring with an exclusive beach minutes away! It is an ideal week for those who wish to combine daily Yoga and Zen practice together with enjoying Kalo Ampeli's unspoiled nature. 

Serifos is a beautiful island! The beaches are very clear and the villages keep their distinct Greek aura. We invite you to come to Kaisanji and deepen your daily Yoga and Zen practice. Greece is the land of hospitality! We are eager to welcome you to Serifos and Karuna Yoga and Zen Retreat. There is so much we can live together, so much we can share!


Yoga Retreats Greece 2022



We invite you to beautiful Serifos, one of the Cycladic islands, for a transforming experience of Yoga and Zen Meditation. The retreat will be hosted in KAISANJI, which is going to be the first Zen Monastery in Greece. This is going to be a week of renewal on all levels. The program will be intense, focusing on cultivating a consistent daily Yoga and Zen practice along with compassion and understanding for oneself.

A Yoga retreat can be a deeply transformative experience and can have a healing effect on the body and mind, especially after the challenges we have all been through these past two years. During Sunyata Yoga and Zen Retreat, you will have the time to focus on your Yoga and Zen practice and if you are a beginner you will have the chance to make a slow, gradual start.