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Yoga teachers in Athens Greece and Alimos Greece

We have been partners in Yoga and life since the late '90s and were both introduced to Yoga at an early age. We were searching for a deeper meaning in this life, something our immediate environment couldn't give us. We are both artistic and sensitive beings, so we found a different form of communication through Yoga.

In the beginning, it was discovering ourselves, which is always the main point. But later on, we were encouraged by our teachers to share the practice of Yoga with others. As Ramana Maharshi points out, there are no others, and that understanding becomes clear to us every day as we continue to teach Yoga.

We guide regular group and private Yoga classes in Athens Greece, Alimos, Palaio Faliro, Glyfada and Elliniko as well as online Yoga classes, which you can attend despite where you live.

Antaratma Theodore Chiotis

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I started the practice and study of Yoga in 1995, in the system of Satyananda Yoga, with the guidance of Swami Shivamurti Saraswati.​ My first encounter with Yoga happened when a good friend took me to a Satsang. Satsang means "to be in the presence of truth" and a Master of Yoga. What struck me then and was why I got hooked on Yoga, was the singing of Kirtan. There, I experienced the miracle that manifests when people sing and dance together, using mantras and music. 

That was the very beginning of my journey. I immediately enrolled in weekly Yoga classes, practically transforming myself. Yoga became my life and my life became Yoga. 
I soon became committed to my Sadhana (spiritual practice). My journey took another turn, where the desire to uplift and realize myself was rooted even deeper.​


In 1999 I enrolled in Yogic Studies 1. This decision didn't come out of an ambition to teach. It was the encouragement of my teachers that took me forward. The Instructor's s training course in the system of Satyananda Yoga followed in 2000. I have been leading Yoga classes, workshops and yoga retreats for students and instructors ever since.
I am an artist and a musician. My relationship with sound began when I started playing classical guitar at eight years old. Music plays a big part in my life. The very practice of Yoga allows me to dive into sound deeper than before.

In the early years of my  Yoga journey in 1998, I began composing and singing Kirtan, which belongs to the branch of Nada Yoga (Yoga of the sound) and Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of the heart). It is a powerful way to express and connect with the Self.


The first thing that attracted me to that first Satsang is the same thing that drives me to this day, the attraction to sound and the magic that derives from it.

Antaratma Thodoris Chiotis

Muktitara Alexandra Sotiropoulou

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece and started practising Yoga in 1996, in the system of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Derek Ireland and Kristina Karytinou in the Practice Place, in Southern Crete. That was the beginning of a lifelong journey for me. I was almost immediately relieved from physical and psychological pain.


I still recall the first downward-facing dogs I practised and can understand how people feel when they first start practising. It is a combination of pain and pleasure that profoundly shapes the body-mind. Soon after I met Theodore, who took me to Satyanandashram in Paiania, Greece. There, I came across the Sannyasa way of living and started visiting and getting involved in Karma Yoga. 

​In 2002 I enrolled in Yogic Studies 1 of the Satyananda Yoga system. I completed two teacher's training courses in Astanga Vinyasa Yoga, with Kristina Karytinou in 2003 and David Swenson in Scotland in 2005. In 2007 I attended and completed the Instructor's Training Course in Satyanandashram Hellas.


My first teacher, Christina, gave me Vanda Scaravelli's book, "Awakening the Spine". I was surprised by the poetic and articulate way the author explained the method. That urged me to find a teacher who used to be Scaravelli's close student and could teach me. That search took me to Diane Long. I studied Scaravelli-inspired Yoga with her from 2008 to 2019. 

The discovery of magic, which like a precious stone, is hidden inside the body-mind is my call. I adore exploring Yoga as this fulfils me in a way that nothing else can.


I have been teaching since 2003.

 I am certified by YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL (Master level training - 500 hours).

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