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Kalli's Testimonial 

for Antaratma Theodore Chiotis and Muktitara Alexandra Sotiropoulou

A letter

I met Antaratma Thodoris Chiotis and Alexandra Sotiropoulou in 2005. They introduced me to Yoga when it was not yet so fashionable when there wasn't a gym in every neighbourhood where between aerobics and Zumba they also offered Yoga classes. Since then, I have followed them in everything they do, and I attend both the classes they offer and the thematic seminars they organize periodically to delve deeper into the essence of Yoga.

I feel very fortunate that these two Teachers came my way. With their guidance, patience and enormous reserves of love with which they surround each student, I began my journey of self-knowledge through the philosophy and practice system of Yoga. A journey with no end since the final destination moves further and further each time.

Beyond their well-trained and highly perceptive minds that understand the limits of each individual and push as far as they can, what makes them special is the respect with which they treat Yoga. At a time when everything coming from another culture outside of "western civilization" is being crushed under the millstones of commercialization and the speed of modern lifestyle, Antaratma and Alexandra protect Yoga from becoming a trendy kind of exercise, another form of fitness and try to delve into its essence.

In doing so, they enable people from 15 to 75 years of age to benefit from Yoga, which is beyond physical well-being and flexibility. All of the above is a subjective judgement, influenced by how I have felt over these 15 years and may even seem excessive. But I consider it my duty to make this opinion public, so I can encourage as many people as possible to try at least once the experience of surrendering to the guidance of these two excellent teachers, so different from each other but so similar!!!

I feel deep gratitude for what they have offered me and especially for transmuting the poet's verses to me:

As you set out on the road to Ithaca,
may the road be long,
full of adventures, full of knowledge.

February 2021

Kalliopi Patouna

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