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Testimonials from our Yoga students

March 2013


Alexandra is an attuned, inspired and expert teacher of Yoga, who beyond teaching, lives and embodies what she teaches. Her energy holds a welcoming, compassionate, serene space for one to experience the mind-body-awareness reality.

She will guide and support you to face the blocks along the way, and move beyond your current boundaries. Furthermore, her sincerity, integrity, gentleness, spontaneous laughter and sure guidance make Alexandra an absolute delight as a person and professional. My husband and I had weekly sessions with Alexandra during our stay in Greece. We are truly grateful to her, and miss her loving presence, and wish her continued light and love on her path.


Yasmin Pakzad

Yoga classes in Athens Greece
Yoga workshops in Athens Greece

April 2017

…in the Yoga class: twice a week, 9 months a year, for the past 10 years (a solid and non-negotiable commitment with but a handful of absences). Not once have I been bored, when I'm supposed to get bored so easily!

Antaratma is always there to show me (with words, but mostly by example) all I want (or don't want) to see about myself and my life, with infinite patience, acceptance and unconditional love (but not without limits). He has seen me at my best and at my worst; I’ve experienced both delirious laughter and fuming anger during his classes. And I feel so lucky and grateful that we happened(?) to meet and walk along this path together…


Sofia Lazaridou

March 2017


Through my Yoga lessons with Alexandra, I started being aware of and getting to know my body and my breath. I started to "see" and feel them more clearly than ever. Without pressuring my body, feeling discouraged, disappointed or stressed, and through a lot of fun and work, I saw my body undergoing changes, feeling light and doing things that I never thought it would. I felt my breath in places that I would never have imagined and by observing it, I was able to find calm and peace, I felt myself getting healed. Through my teacher's guidance, I fell in love with Yoga, and I was able to change the way I see myself and life. I feel fortunate to have gotten to know Yoga through an approach that has the ability to truly transform the body and soul.


Tania Christoleni

Yoga Retreats in Greece
Yoga Retreats in Greece

Αpril 2017


Alexandra has a magical vision. She observes you, without you even realizing it, and sees things in your body and movement that you may not have had any idea about. Alexandra has a magical touch. Her hands drive you effortlessly to discover a new body. Alexandra has a magical way. It takes care of you without a couch and inspires you without pressure. Alexandra has a light, magical humour. Alexandra is a magic teacher. Yoga with Alexandra is magical. Alexandra is magical ... [The above was written shortly after her lesson, so they bring a less dose of objectivity and a greater dose of magic!]


Sofia Lazaridou

May 2011



Alexandra is an inspired and inspiring instructor of Yoga; she provides sophisticated advice, consistent with the principles of Yoga; very helpful, especially to professionals who seek to regain the physical and spiritual equilibrium needed in today's complex business environment; her vibrant personality reflects in her work.

I feel very lucky to have her as my Yoga instructor and really think that her studio will be for many of us a place to find harmony and inner peace!


Eugenia Rodopoulos

Yoga Retreats Greece 2021
Yoga Retreats Greece

September 2018

With Alexandra's tuition, you learn, you make a progress and you receive the positive energy that she emits. She complements the class with her humour and smile and you have the feeling that you have a person who follows you closely and embraces you in your endeavour. We are confident that we are improving physically and mentally.


Stelios Koutsikos and Yvette Varvaressou

February 2020

I was initiated into Yoga by Antaratma Thodoris Chiotis and Alexandra Sotiropoulou, whom I met in 2005. Back then, Yoga was not such a fashionable trend and there was not a gym at every corner offering Yoga classes, in between aerobic and Zumba…Read more

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