Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Jan 23
    Online workshop
    Let's stand up!
    Standing asanas can be very challenging!
  • Sat, Feb 06
    Online Workshop
    Introduction to Breath (Free Workshop)
    There is so much one can do and discover when he/she wants to get to know the breath!
  • Sat, Feb 20
    Online Workshop
    Breath (part 1)
    Breath is the closest thing to us! How well do we know our breath? How much time do we invest in discovering its unlimited potential?
  • Sat, Feb 27
    Online Workshop
    Breath (part 2)
    Let's go into more depth, working with Pranayama and Breath meditation to discover more of the hidden spaces we already have!
  • Sat, Mar 06
    Free Online Event
    Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (Free Event)
    Mahamrityanjaya Mantra is a very powerful mantra that, according to the scriptures, is the conqueror of illness and decay.
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