SPRING, 20 - 25 MAY 2022


Yoga Retreat in Serifos, Greece


In this Yoga Retreat, you can truly have the time and space to unload your mind while energising your body and spirit. Spring is a time of awakening, rejuvenation and extroversion. All around us become alive, active and bright!


During the day you can participate in morning and afternoon yoga classes as well as zen meditation practice.  By the end of the day, you will have the opportunity to join the all-encompassing experience of a Kirtan! Kirtan is a mantra chanting with musical accompaniment and is a powerful way to connect to the heart-warming feeling of being one with everything!


Santosha is a Sanskrit word. It means “contentment” and it's one of the five Niyamas (qualities & personal code) of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga. 


1. Saucha (cleanliness) 

2. Santosha (contentment) 

3. Tapas (austerity)

4. Swadhyaya (the study of the self)

5.Ishvara Pranidhana (complete self-surrender to God)



Serifos island

In the heart of the Cyclades Islands, Serifos is a whole world fulfilling everybody's dream of an Aegean Island. Bare, undulating hills interspersed with small, fertile valleys cover this picturesque island. The rocky coastline is deeply indented with a succession of coves and bays.

Serene landscape with rolling hills dotted with small churches and monasteries, sandy beaches with sparkling blue waters, famous monuments from the lands ancient and medieval past, picturesque white villages bathed in the dazzling Aegean light.


All this, along with warm hospitality, excellent tourist facilities and rich cultural life, have combined to make Serifos one of the favourite spots in the Cyclades Islands.

The vision behind the Retreat in Serifos

One of the greatest needs of a human being is to be in close contact with Nature. In the natural environment and away from the frantic city rhythms, one can experience deep transformation and reconnection with the real Self. "Santosha Yoga & Zen Retreat"  is hosted in KAISANJI, situated in the Kalo Ambeli region on the southern side of Serifos island, an unspoiled and serene land. The landscape speaks for itself.  Gently cultivated, the area oversees a beautiful olive grove with vineyards and naturally grown wild herbs. The name KAISANJI is the union of three Japanese words: KAI means sea, SAN means mountain and JI monastery. So, KAISANJI is “the monastery of the mountain and sea”.The architecture reflects the lines and colours of the land without disturbing them in any way. A new section is currently under construction, according to the traditional architectural principles of Zen Monasteries. From there, you can walk down the sea in just a few minutes, using the path, where you will enjoy the golden sand and the turquoise waters of Kalo Ambeli beach! 

We invite you to take an active part in our vision, which focuses on expanding the teachings of Yoga and Zen Meditation and sharing them with everyone that joins us in this collective experience on the beautiful island of Serifos. Each and every individual can have a positive and constructive impact on the expansion of Zen Meditation in Greece, the continuation of Zen Center Athens and its affiliate, KAISANJI. We wish to thank you in advance and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our Yoga Retreat in Serifos, Greece.

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Vegetarian / Vegan Meals


All meals are vegetarian (vegan under request), prepared by our cook with fresh fruits & seasonal vegetables. The recipes are simple, based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, which gives emphasis on the great taste, good nutrition and the well-being of the body. We use herbs and spices carefully. Please inform us if you have any specific dietary requirements that we have to consider. 


The journey to Greece and the Yoga Retreat in Serifos

The closest airport is Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos", which receives both domestic and international flights all year round. From the airport of Athens, you can easily reach Piraeus port and embark on the ferry to Serifos. Serifos is easily accessible by ferry from Piraeus Port in Athens.  The route from Piraeus port to Serifos lasts approximately 2,5  hours. During the summer, some extra ferry services are carried out from Lavrion port.

Arriving at KAISANJI

As soon as you book your tickets to Athens Airport and the ferry to Serifos, please let us know so we can book you a taxi that will bring you straight to KAISANJI.

Covid - 19 precautions

"For your participation in the Santosha Yoga & Zen Retreat, it is necessary to provide us with a negative Covid-19 PCR test that took place 72 hours prior to your arrival. In the case of a positive test result, your contribution will be applicable to another seminar or retreat. If the retreat is cancelled due to special government measures, like a travel ban between provinces, your contribution will be reimbursed to you.