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Karuna Yoga & Zen Retreat

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Kaisanji Serifos

15 - 20 October 2021

One of the most profound experiences, when you practice yoga, is to participate in a yoga retreat. My first glimpses of another, richer reality occurred when I joined one of the programs of the first retreat centre in Europe, ran by Derek Ireland.

Combining the two practices, Yoga and Zazen, comes naturally. The main ingredient of the Zen practice is to sit comfortably, effortlessly, for long periods of time. Yoga builds the foundations and expands our perception of the body-mind. Zazen comes as a catalyst, offering total freedom to the practitioner.

We are very happy to invite you to the Yoga & Zen Retreats that will take place in May & October 2021 and 2022, in Kaisanji Serifos. To find out more, please visit this page.

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