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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Yoga has come to our lives to learn ahimsa, non-violence, first of all.

As long as we fight with one another we can never be happy. Whether we are the winners or the losers, in the end, we all lose and what we have lost is our humanity, our soul.

Many awful things happen in this world.

Wars, ongoing conflicts for years, illnesses... Death and decay are here and we need to come in terms with it. Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how much we have accepted the idea that all this is going to end for us at some point.

Is how it ends important?

Of course, it is. But the result remains. We die. Every single moment we die. And every single moment we live again because we are being reborn if we accept the fact of our mortality.

Why? Maybe because when we accept more we fear less. And when we fear less, we can love more. And love is what nourishes every cell of our body, all of our existence.

Can we give an explanation on how and why life is as it is? I think we can't. Even if we are quantum physicists that explore the mysteries of life, the simple fact is that all this is beyond us. It is huge...

Is it worth living since we are going to die? Actually, it is all we are... Manifestations of life, breathing organisms, taking their turn into existence. How can we deny life, when life is all we are?

Alexandra Sotiropoulou

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