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Updated: May 2, 2022

And how priorities change as we grow.

I was thinking intensely, lately, about how yoga is affecting people's lives and how from

being non-essential to staying alive, now is becoming more and more essential for living.

Let me clarify this. I can live without yoga but I can't live without food and water and shelter.

Yoga is something I can live with or without, isn't that right?

If I want to find the answer to this, I need to think about what yoga means to me.

Is it a variety of techniques I practice or is it a meeting with myself?

And who is this person I describe and identify as myself?

With these thoughts in mind, I dedicate the next few lines and Antaratma's kirtan, Hara Hara Mahadev, to those that seek.

You were young and kind and innocent

You still are

You were seeking, wanting, intensely questioning

You still do

Life was passing in front of you and people were coming and going

It still happens

Have you found a company in solitude and friends among your enemies?

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