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the Light
of Inner Child

12 - 16 July 2023
Il Nido Kea Greece

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With Silvia Macchi

Alexandra Sotiropoulou

& Antaratma Theodore Chiotis


We all have an inner child.

Growing up made the inner child hide, in order not to feel so vulnerable.

Maturity is essential and the natural course of life, but when the desire to play, to discover, to laugh and cry is gone, this is not maturity, it is oppression.

What are the qualities of the inner child? Well, they are the qualities of any child. Innocent, eyes wide open, curious about the world, hungry and thirsty for life, spontaneous and honest with itself.

During this retreat, we will use different techniques, from the tradition of yoga and the art of expression and dance to lift the barriers that separate us from the beauty and light of the inner child. It is not the methods that reveal the strength of the inner child. The intention leads the way and will eventually bring us to a place of happiness! 

Yoga has a lot to offer. During our time together, we will focus on the awakening of Awareness, the ever-living and ever-observing inner eye, and the power of the heart that, as a second womb, transforms all feelings and is our inner guide. All the energies travel through the Spinal Column, the Spiritual flute that will play our unique, special song. 

The program includes the following:

  • Scaravelli-inspired Yoga classes to activate your yoga practice with the beginner's mind element, go beyond methods and deeper into What Is.

  • Surya Namaskara during Sunrise (the practice faces East)

  • Mantra chanting and kirtan to discover your voice and true expression straight from the Heart.

  • Spontaneous movement and expression so you can subtly and surely awaken your true essence as a human being and honour your "uniqueness".

  • Profound Sound Healing with the vibration of the Gong.

  • Yoga Nidra using visualizations.

  • Brunch and dinner.

  • Accommodation in the beautiful Il Nido Villa with the use of all amenities, the garden and the swimming pool with salt water (no chlorine).

  • Excursions to the beautiful beaches of the island.


Terms and Cost of Participation:

620 euros for accommodation in a double room until the 20th of June. 690 euros after that.

An extra cost of 100 euros for the Master Bedroom with the private bathroom.

Please note that you can request and book private sessions with the teachers at an extra cost. Contact us for more information.


Inner Child Healing Retreat

About Silvia Macchi

(to find out about Alexandra and Theodore please visit the About Us page)

Silvia Macchi was born in Rome and has lived and worked in Greece for many years. She started dancing as a child, guided by her mother. She has experience as a performer, holistic teacher and energetic choreographer for more than 30 years.

She created the synergy of art to develop and share her research and exploration beyond the forms of classical, modern and contemporary dance, understanding a holistic process of the body seeking balance and uniqueness of expression.

A holistic-energetic approach, between movement and voice in relation to the environment and nature, is the primal element that inspires the installations and performance rituals she creates to awaken our true essence as human beings, honouring our "uniqueness" and responsibility to be co-creators with the entire universe.

Her research explores the human body, perceived as a soul body, in relation to the elements and the primordial power of nature. Her passion leads her to present installations and interpretive rituals within nature and archaeological sites.

She conducts holistic body awareness and voice attunement workshops for adults, youth and children.
Also, individual body awareness sessions, practices for relieving physical trauma, aroma touch therapies and cocoon healing practices for expression and connection to the energy of the inner child.

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