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Sow and you will reap ...

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 23 Απρ 2021

Everything passes by and leaves and often returns with another face, driven by another need and priority in life. I open my eyes, and what do I see?

A world that is constantly changing. That sometimes saddens me, and sometimes it makes me happy. Because I also change with it, I am part of it.

It is not always Spring! There is also Winter. Do tastes, desires and appetites ever seize? The right question may be what is the "right" time to fulfil them.

Is life compassionate enough that as we grow older, a sense of peace and calmness come, after all?

Each new wrinkle symbolizes in its way the journey of ripening until it is time to harvest the fruit. All the emotions, imprinted on the body and mind, yell the process of life and the inevitable wear and tear that comes sewn into its luggage. But what if you stop thinking about time? Does it cease to exist?

And from an enemy of youth and carefree can he become a friend of wisdom and love? How gorgeous those moments beyond time. And a fleeting glance is enough to tease you and win you over. Forever.

Alexandra Sotiropoulou

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